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Clearing a Path to the Past

Our volunteers have been busy today tidying up the entrance to the Afan Argoed/Cynon Colliery Level. As part of the HLF and LEADER funded 'Past to Present' project we will be launching a digital heritage walk later this year, set within the Afan Forest Park. Today marked the first step in clearing some of the overgrowth to better access the old industrial sites along the various walking and cycling paths.

This is the entrance to the drift mine before work began today:

and at the end of this first stage of tidying. We have taken care to minimise the amount of clearing to the miminum needed to access the mine entrance, we have also sourced the stepping stones from the surrounding area to minimise the environmental impact of the access route.

Here you can see the the entrance to the drift mine and the capping stone at various stages of cleaning during the days work.

We are very excited by the progress being made on the digital Heritage walk and have begun taking guided tours of the route, free of charge, on the last Friday in every month.

If you are interested then please do contact us for more details.


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